Assuage  Gallery  distills the essence of a lifetime of creative endeavors and journeys into the passion of Kapril being an aspiring artist and photographer. The creative flame was kindled and nourished through living twenty-five years in Europe, learning from artists, photographers, architectural designers, fashion industry leaders, and theater directors. Skills were honed, polished, and blossomed through this compendium of social networking and business collaborations, and an ever expanding tapestry of experiences was woven.  This creative blend of brilliance and diversity allowed for an expansion of Kapril's capabilities  and inspired a growing body of work.  Burnley School of Professional Arts in Seattle, Washington, provided a strong foundation of artistic interpretation as well as a deep understanding of color and motion.


ART   :  Exploring  inspirational cultures and experiencing a multitude of adventures opened up another dimensions for Kapril's imagination.  Reflecting on the temperature of those reminiscent moments is a strong stimulus for Kapril's creative productivity.  The art work is a reflection and interpretation of Kapril's passion for music,  people,  places,  and nature.   Each piece of art is unique in subject as well as in the variety of mediums used to create the works.


FOTOS:   Shooting pictures in color or black/white generates with each click of the shutter a relaxing moment for Kapril.   Drawn to create black/white pictures,  she discovered a multitude of opportunities to dramatize  her photographic works.  Kapril feels rewarded when capturing  stories   of a child in action ,  and especially  a candid   fascial expressions,    these pictures  touch her heart and bring a smile.